Annuschka registered purebred Akhal-Teke mare

Annuschka and Akyldar

Annuschka, golden buckskin Akhal-Teke mare


Born in Germany to Russian-born sire and dam, then imported to the United States, Annuschka came from Texas, with her then-yearling filly Arima at her side. Level-headed and experienced as an endurance racing competitor, Annuschka is a fourth generation direct descendant of the great champion Absent.

She's a sweet golden metallic buckskin who could have been the exact model for the 2018 Breyer Akhal-Teke mare. Annuschka's lovely offspring include Arima (2014), Swan Akylly Baytal (2017), and Swan Asyl Akyldar (2019).

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