Swan Altyn Kamat
outstanding purebred Akhal-Teke colt, for sale as a yearling

Swan Altyn Kamat

For Sale —
Swan Altyn Kamat

One of the best new Akhal-Teke colts of 2018 across North America, Kamat is currently for sale as a yearling.

Kamat is a lovely well-built palomino, born and bred at Swan Farm, and a great sport and stallion prospect.

A very fast learner, Kamat showed in-hand and won his first ribbon in May 2019, at the SANA West Rare Breeds Show at the Western States Horse Expo, at the Murieta Equestrian Center near Sacramento.

His sire Kuwwat is an experienced endurance competitor, from Estonia by Kuvvatli, who also sired Kambarbay.

Kamat's dam is our own beautiful Pallas Athena, granddaughter of the noted stallion Gigant, and Kamat is a sixth generation direct descendant of the great champion Absent.

Some informal clips of Kamat's movement...

Please contact Akhal-Teke Foundation for more information:
Kevin Matthews, 541-514-4766, or
Pat Johnston, 541-485-7757
email: akhaltekefoundation@gmail.com

Swan Altyn Kamat Details

  • Kuwwat x Pallas Athena
  • Posman line
  • Name means 'golden figure'
  • ATAA Registration AATK511
  • VNIIK Registration 101600318
  • USEF Registration 5567592
  • $15,000 to qualified buyer

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Swan Altyn Kamat