Purebred Akhal-Teke Foundation stallions at stud

The Akhal-Teke Foundation (ATF) manages select purebred stallions for breed education and preservation. For the 2024 breeding we are presenting four great Akhal-Teke studs, including Adamek (2005) bay, Anduma (2011) chestnut, Ehyr Atlaz (2013) metallic bay, and Kiergen (2005) perlino.

All four outstanding studs are available nationwide via cooled semen. Kiergen and Ehyr Atlaz may also be available via frozen semen for selected breedings. These stallions are either on breeding or competition leases, or directly under ATF handling. If on lease (Adamek), then 25%, and if in direct ATF care (Anduma, Kiergen, and Ehyr Atlaz), then 100% of any stud fees go to the Foundation to support ATF programs and horses.

The Akhal-Teke Foundation also manages a unique archive of frozen semen from notable purebred Akhal-Teke stallions, representing great Akhal-Teke horses from the 1970s thru to the present:

  • Anikit (Agades x Agniya, 2009-2022) AATK460, dark bay — 2016 North American breed champion
  • Arik (Ametist x Aishat, 1978) AATK84, bay — grandson of the Olympic champion Absent
  • Doblet (Senetir x Dunja, 1987) AATK29, chestnut
  • Ehyr Atlaz (Pan Tau x Pallas Athena, 2013) AATK385, metallic bay
  • Kashman (Senetir x Kushka, 1983) AATK9, golden palomino
  • Kiergen (Mergen x Kerki, 2005) AAKT505, perlino
  • Koublet (Doblet x Kushka, 1995) AATK97, golden palomino
  • Marakan (Melekhan x Marishka, 1989) AATK43
  • Senetir (Sektor x Altyn, 1976) AATK1, golden buckskin — prepotent first Akhal-Teke stallion in the U.S.
  • Sengar (Senetir x Oliva, 1984) AATK16, buckskin — long listed for the U.S. Olympic Team in eventing, 1996

    Akhal-Teke stallions are great refiners, and both purebred and quality cross-breedings are welcome.

  • Adamek


    Adamek, Gindarkh x Agniya, is a purebred Akhal-Teke bay stallion, and the ATAA 2020 Producer of the Year. He’s showed successfully in eventing and dressage, and is currently training with the Prix St. George level in his sights. Russian registered and tested NFS clear.

    Adamek at stud  



    Anduma, Agades x Goldka, is a well-built purebred Akhal-Teke chestnut stallion, with lots of chrome, and he’s well under saddle. Russian registered and tested NFS clear.

    Anduma at stud  

    Ehyr Atlaz

    Ehyr Atlaz

    Ehyr Atlaz is a 16.1 hand stallion by Pan Tau, German-born successful three-day eventer, out of Pallas Athena, bred by Ots Sunrise Farm out of Russian-born sire and and dam. Sire of Swan Asyl Akyldar, Ehyr Atlaz is started under saddle, Russian registered and tested NFS clear.

    Ehyr Atlaz at stud  



    Kiergen, Mergen x Kerki, is a nicely-built purebred Akhal-Teke perlino stallion, double-dilute. He’s accomplished under saddle, and he has several great foals on the ground all across North America. Russian registered and tested NFS clear.

    Kiergen at stud