About the Akhal-Teke Foundation

What a time we are in. We do hope you are staying safe and well. None of us chose the challenge of COVID-19 for this time. And we would not have chosen to launch the Akhal-Teke Foundation into the middle of a pandemic.

Phil Case, the original importer of Akhal-Teke horses into the U.S., was a tireless benefactor to our beloved breed of Akhal-Tekes, and he is sorely missed, by many.

When Phil died in early December, 2019, our work together with him, to carry his legacy forward into something larger - a true public charity for Akhal-Teke education and preservation - was thrust forward by need into action, even as the coronavirus crisis was just starting to unfold around the world.

The detailed plans we had been reviewing and revising with Phil called for fundraising to establish a national Akhal-Teke Education Center, on a working Akhal-Teke breeding farm — potentially, but not necessarily, Phil’s Shenandoah Farm in Staunton, Virgina — to be the cornerstone facility for a wide variety of important programs to support the mutual success of Akhal-Teke fans, riders, trainers, owners, and breeders.

Part of the vision was for Phil’s decorated herd of Akhal-Teke stallions and mares to provide resident horses for establishing the educational programs. Instead, his death threw the future of some 35 purebred Akhal-Tekes into uncertainty.

With incredible support from the Case family, we are now working in double time - despite the turbulent circumstances - toward standing up this vital educational entity. The Akhal-Teke Foundation is the new national non-profit umbrella organization to support this effort.

To move forward effectively, we should raise an annual amount of $350,000, and build a endowment for the future, as well.

Many people are, or will be, in financial distress during the virus crisis. And many - most? - of people’s investments are losing significant amounts of their face value.

However, some people may still have means, and if you are among that special number - if you love the Akhal-Teke horses - and if you can support their incredible legacy, in our very difficult times, we would be grateful for your contribution, whether in any small symbolic amount to express support, or as a significant contributor with an amount of $1000 or more.

It will be our pleasure to answer any questions by text or voice to 541-514-4766, or by email to “”.

We need your help, to help the Akhal-Teke horses. Pleaee contribute here:

Checks can be written to the “Akhal-Teke Foundation,” and mailed to: Akhal-Teke Foundation, 84020 Brown Road, Dexter, OR 97431

Thank you. For the horses.

PS: The Akhal-Teke Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity, registered with the State of Oregon and the IRS. Contributions made to the Akhal-Teke Foundation are federally tax exempt.

Our People

Pat Johnston

Pat Johnston

Founding President

Pat is Chair of the Board of the Livestock Conservancy, and a recent board member of the Akhal-Teke Association of America. A life-long horsewoman, her professional background spans biology and ecology, collaboration and project management. Her non-profit experience includes serving as an officer and board member on a diversity of non-profit organizations, as well as successful fundraising of millions of dollars for various non-profit and community projects.

Ehyr Atlaz and Kevin

Kevin Matthews

Founding Secretary

Blacksmith, educator, organizer, and entrepreneur, Kevin brings both formal education, with college and postgraduate study in horse breeding and genetics, training, and riding, and wide practical experience from breeding, training, and transport, to forage analysis and production, to management of horse and ranching operations at farms across the country. In addition to extensive experience in delivering both curated and crowd-sourced information to both specialized and general audiences, Kevin has non-profit experience as an officer and board member for charitable organizations in several sectors, including successful fundraising of millions of dollars for a variety of NGO and community projects. He currently also serves on the board of the Akhal-Teke Association of America (ATAA).